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Debbie Baker - Level 2 Coach

Started playing at Meadrow junior school (now Godalming Junior), and got the bug for it.

Played through Broadwater and Godalming College at GA.

Got into Surrey County netball team and played with them for a year.

Joined Guildford Netball Club, played with them for many years. Then moved to a work club, and another local club where played in both the premier and poly league.

Stopped playing to have kids.

Got back into netball through coaching at girls school.

Started Waverley Vipers in 2013, passed level 2 coaching qualification - and the rest is history.


Suzanne Harris- Level 2 Coach

Level 1 Coaches




Ellie Butler

Andi Jones

Assistant Coaches


Jane Blackwood


Hannah Regan


Anne Pike


Louise Munz




Visiting Coach




Team Managers


U10 Ellie Butler, Debbie Baker

U11 Reds - Anna Power, Katrina D-G-W

U11/12 Whites - Amy Butler, Anya Blackwood

U12 Blacks - Ellie Butler

U12 Reds- Anne Pike

U13  Whites - Amy Butler

U13 Blacks - Andi Jones

U13 Reds - Ellie Butler

U14 Whites- Hannah Regan, Louise Munz

U14 Blacks - Kate Thomson

U14 Reds - Faye Brian

U15 Blacks- Jane Blackwood

U15 Reds- Suzanne Harris

U16- Debbie Baker